The Nelson Boom Launch Trailer is designed, built and tested to safely remove and install your large hydraulic crane boom without the use of an assist crane. The trailer is completely self-contained and does not require crane hydraulics to operate. From the robust structural design to the wireless remote controls to boom side shift capabilities the trailer is built with safety and ease of operation in mind. A crane boom can typically be launched in 30 – 45 minutes. Our customers can rest assured that every Nelson boom launch trailer has been test loaded and operated under full capacity with our boom simulator prior to shipment.

At Nelson we work directly with the various crane manufactures to ensure that the lift mechanism will not damage the crane boom. We can design and build a trailer for virtually any hydraulic crane on the market today. We can also calculate weight distribution and axle loadings to ensure that you will be able to permit the loaded trailer in the areas that you operate in. Nelson can supply numerous axle configurations, jeeps and stinger axles to meet your specific needs.

Boom Launch Trailers