In addition to the boom dolly and boom launch trailer Nelson offers a variety of other products to help mobilize your cranes quickly and efficiently to and from the job site. We offer crane tag axles that pin to the carrier and provide an additional axle on the road when required by local weight requirements.

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Nelson Manufacturing builds crane boom dollies to safely transport your All Terrain or Truck Crane over the highway. Our engineering team works directly with all of the major crane manufactures to ensure proper fit up, weight distribution and safety concerns are all addressed up front. We work to provide you with the most efficient transportation solution available in the area that you want to operate in. We offer a wide variety of configurations from a tandem axle dolly to a 5 axle rolling tower dolly and everything in between. Our brake and lighting systems are compatible with that of the crane carrier and do not require modification by the end user. We supply everything you need to get your crane to the jobsite!

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The Nelson Boom Launch Trailer is designed, built and tested to safely remove and install your large hydraulic crane boom without the use of an assist crane.

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