The Nelson Beam Transport Trailer is a complete modular system that can be converted and utilized in a number of configurations. When in the 13-axle configuration, the trailer has 9 total axles with a front three-axle jeep and two separate tri-axle assemblies in the rear. In this configuration, the trailer can haul a beam weighing up to 120 tons! Both of the rear tri’s are hydraulically steerable and are equipped with independent power units and wireless remote controls The tri-axle assemblies can be removed from the “gull wing” on the rear and converted into two separate tri-axle trailers. Both of these tri-axle trailers have hydraulic steering capabilities. The “tris” can also be converted into quad-axle trailers. To do this, the pole assembly must be moved into the secondary position for proper weight distribution, and a detachable axle is then pinned to the rear of the “tri”. The front jeep is actually a tandem axle with a detachable third axle. The detachable axle can be removed and used on one of the “tris” to convert it into a “quad.” The bunk assembly on the jeep is movable. This allows the operator to set the trailer for proper weight distribution when utilized as a tandem. The tandem axle jeep can be used with a quad-axle steerable trailer if so desired. The Beam Transport Trailer is the most maneuverable and easiest to operate unit on the market. A minimum of 30 degrees of hydraulic steering is offered in all configurations! A hydraulic lift tower is standard in the “gull wing assembly” and can be added to the front jeep as an option. The hydraulic steering controls utilize wireless transmitters and receivers. This allows the driver (or preferably the rear escort driver) to control the steering of the unit. All steering functions also have a manual back up valve located on the trailer. This is important should there be an electrical problem or a dead battery in the transmitter. The steering is either locked straight or in “float” mode depending upon the configuration for normal highway use. All trailers are custom built. Contact us today for more information! Click on the thumbnail above to view examples of the Steerable Dolly Transport


The Nelson Double Tee Trailer requires less maintenance and is built lighter than the standard flat bed trailer. This telescopic trailer is uniquely designed with a front rocker assembly to accommodate double tees of up to 70 feet in length. Though designed to carry precast double tees, this trailer could also be used to haul precast beams, posts and other precast items. Click on the thumbnail to view examples of our Double Tee Trailer.