All of our Hydraulic Removable Goosenecks are non-ground bearing design. The front of the trailer is equipped with a “V-Trough” which helps the operator to align the gooseneck when reattaching to the trailer. Recessed ball type pivot points at the rear of the gooseneck allows the operator to raise the main deck even with a slight misalignment. As the trailer deck is raised, it will slide into proper alignment with the gooseneck. These features make the Nelson Hydraulic Removable Gooseneck Trailer the easiest to operate in the industry. In a matter a minutes, the non-ground bearing gooseneck is detached and ready to load. Shim points are also provided at the gooseneck hinge point. This allows the operator to adjust the main deck ride height up or down depending upon the load. At Nelson Manufacturing, we can design and build these trailers in capacities anywhere from 25 to 100 tons. These trailers can be built with numerous axle configurations, deck lengths, and deck heights to meet your needs. Tapered deck sections minimize the break over points when loading crawler equipment. Hydraulic power can be supplied from a wet kit on the tractor or from a self-contained power unit. A gasoline or diesel engine power unit can be installed upon request. Other options: Outriggers, a hydraulic winch, front loading ramps, rear loading ramps, a rear boom well, and/or serrated steel bar grating decking (provides better traction and longevity than wood decking).
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