Nelson Manufacturing Company is one of the leading Multi-Axle Trailer manufacturers in the country. We have been producing various multi-axle configurations since the early 1960’s. Nelson can design and build both “East Coast” and “West Coast” style trailers. Our Multi-Axle Trailers come equipped with the hydraulic steering and other control methods to meet your requirements. Our hydraulic steerable units are more maneuverable than most. We offer over 30 degrees of steering on most configurations!

Our most popular Multi-Axle Trailers come in 9, 13, or 19 axle tractor / trailer combinations with available capacities of over 150 tons. We offer remote control steering functions, hydraulic lift towers, and central hydraulic power units with diesel engines as options.

The Nelson Multi-Axle Trailer can be built with versatility in mind. Interchangeable decks, deck extensions, removable / reversible crossmembers, adjustable deck height shim points, and adjustable camber shim points are available on all units.

Contact Nelson Manufacturing today for a customized proposal. Click on a thumbnail above to view examples of our Multi-Axle Trailers.