One of our most popular products is the Hydraulic Bi-Fold Ramp Trailer. It’s ramp can be utilized to load and unload at numerous dock heights. This trailer can be built in capacities of 25 to 50 tons.

Nelson designs and manufactures these trailers with various axle configurations. Choose a tandem axle configuration, a tandem wide spread, a tri-axle, or even a triple spread. On our design, the back axle is located closer to the rear of the trailer. This provides better weight distribution between the tractor and the trailer.

The Hydraulic Bi-Fold Ramp Trailer is built to take repeated loading and unloading of heavy concentrated loads. The ramp is typically covered with a heavy-duty expanded metal to allow good traction even in wet and icy conditions. Heavy-duty crossmembers support the expanded metal decking for hard-tire forklifts and other equipment.

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